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Jyoti Namkeen & Mixture

Namkeens add a Special touch to every occasion.Namkeens add a Special touch to every occasion. And in India, especially Odisha, namkeens form an integral part of Celebration, be it Marriage or Birth of Child or Festivals. And we, at Jyoti Namkeen, have been trying to make every occasion a special one with our products. At Jyoti Namkeen, We have been preparing Namkeen from generations in the traditional Odia method, giving hygiene the top priority. So the next time you get the urge to eat, make sure it is fromJyoti Namkeen.

Jyoti Namkeen.became one of the reputed brand names in the Mixture industry in Odisha. it's an ISO 22000:2005 CERTIFIED COMPANY. The tastes were irresistible, products fresh and the packing hygienic. Customers responded enthusiastically. And in the following years, the company evolved continuously, dictated by customer demands and market trends.

Today, Jyoti Namkeen. is a snack food conglomerate that manufactures more then 20 popular products. These products reach taste-lovers in every nook and corner of state today, Jyoti Namkeen is quoted as one of town’s most inspiring scratch -to-riches stories. Not really surprising, as there was no way such good taste could lose.

Jyoti Namkeen enjoys a distinct reputation for manufacturing premium quality Namkeens. Located in the imperial city of cuttack, we offer the best quality Namkeen wrapped in traditional cordiality. We are the innovators for changing the concept of traditional manufacturing & marketing of namkeen keeping there natural colour & taste. We carry forward the goodwill of Jyoti Namkeen’s, Quality and Taste further following the footsteps of our elders and constantly improvising the service, quality & taste of our Products.

Product quality standard

As prior importance is given to maintain quality standards. Jyoti Namkeen. has a dedicated set of staffs who work as an united team under the able guidance and control of the management where efficiency is well reflected. Undue care is taken to make sure that our services reach in time. Quality and hygiene in production helps us to score over our competitors in the competitive market. z35W7z4v9z8w